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Repairs & Reconditioning...

The Guitar Gallery offers a full range of repair and reconditioning services for all types of guitars, and most other instruments as well.

Whether you need minor adjustments or a major repair, our expert technicians will give your instrument the highest quality care available.

Our rates are always competitive, and the speed and convenience of our service second to none.

Bring your guitar in anytime for a complimentary examination. If we don’t feel we can or should help you, we’ll at least give you honest, straightforward advice about the best way for you to proceed.

Treat your guitar to a day at the spa. For just $50-$65 (and any necessary parts), we will deep-clean your instrument to bring out its original luster, tighten or adjust any loose parts (you might be surprised how many of these there can be), and professionally re-string and tune him or her with your choice of strings. Your guitar will come home feeling and sounding better than ever.

Should we find that your instrument needs more involved adjustments or repairs, the actual cost of these procedures will be determined by its unique needs, but we will always consult with you in advance to make recommendations and get your approval before moving forward with any additional work.